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Wayward - Floating Sunglasses - Black / Smoke

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Wayward's classic black wrap style meets practicality for surfers, boaties, fishermen, or anyone who loves being on (or in) the water with these floating sunglasses. No dramas if your sunnies go overboard, they'll float until you can grab them out again. Totally practical for the beach, the boat, or even just the pool.

Black frames with Smoke lenses.

Floaters: These shades will float your boat! Airated frame technology gives these frames buoyancy so they don't mind going overboard for a swim - just make sure you give them a good wash afterwards.

Glare Block: These lenses are the ultimate glare-block wingman. Made only from premium top-shelf stuff, I'll keep the glare out of your stare while you enjoy the sunshine.

Ultra Light: This style is a lightweight! Super comfortable in any situation and light enough that I won't cramp your face (or your style).

Polarised: Scratch-resistant polarised lens offers 100% UV protection.