USB C Car Charger - Dual USB ports + 2-in-1 cable (USB C and Micro USB)

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If you've got a couple of devices with you, then you're probably always trying to plug into the wrong cable, or swapping cables all the time. Save the stress and get this handy USB C car charger with a 2-in-1 cable - it's a USB-C cable and micro-USB cable in one handy package! Just pop the end on or off to choose whether you want USBC or Micro USB.

The car charger bullet has 2 USB ports so you can have your car USB C charger in the very fast 2.4 Amp port, and still charge another device in the 1 Amp port. (You'll need another cable to charge 2 devices at once - we have a great range of short 30cm cables that are the perfect length for the car).

Compatible devices:

  • Samsung, Windows, and Android smartphones and tables
  • Most MP3 and GPS devices
  • 2-in-1 cable supports all USB-C and Micro USB enabled devices. 
  • (Car charger will also work with Apple with the addition of a Lightning cable - cannot be used with cable provided)


  • Input 12-24 volt
  • Output 3.4 Amp (1 x 2.4 Amp and 1 x 1 Amp)

Warranty: Comes with a limited 2 year manufacturer's warranty

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