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2-pack of easy to use Covid Tests - EcoTest Rapid Antigen Nasal Pen

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Approved by the NZ Government

99.4% accuracy

Non-invasive, no discomfort

Incredibly easy to use

Simple, clean, and reliable



Covid tests are becoming a part of daily life in NZ, but some of them are pretty fiddly, uncomfortable, or quite hard to use. Not this one though - the EcoTest Rapid Antigen Nasal Pen is the easiest to use Covid rapid antigen test we've seen.

It's more comfortable
The larger swab size reduces the unpleasant sensation you often get with nasal swabs, and it also catches more of the viral load. This is especially good if testing others, like children or older people.

It's simpler
There are only two pieces - a nasal swab pen (with a protector cap), and a base unit. You don't have to read a huge page of instructions to use it!

It's safer

The sample gets sealed during the testing process, reducing risk and keeping germs sealed away. You can dispose of the entire unit (pen in base) once you've read your results.

It's easier to use
Just take the protective cap off the nasal swab pen unit, insert it into your nostril as far as it will go (comfortably), and twirl it around 5 times. Repeat in the other nostril. Then pop the pen into the base unit, press down hard, and wait 15 minutes. It's as easy as that. (For full instructions watch the video below).

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